When you get sad.

Occasionally, you’d get sad.
You’ll miss your childhood freedom when the weight of societal expectations start to weigh a little heavier.
You’ll get sad when your lover no longer recognizes the loneliness in your voice.
You’ll get sad when you no longer have that happy feeling in your tummy when you curl up in bed at night.
You’ll get sad when you’re on the phone at 3am with your best friend and there’s nothing to talk about.
You’ll get sad when nobody understands why you’d rather hangout at the beach over a club party.
You’ll get sad when you realize it’s been a minute you day dreamed or sang or wrote or danced on your own.
You’ll get sad when your closest friends become strangers.
When everything seems to be falling apart and you’ve tried, God knows you’ve tried but they just won’t hold together.
You’ll get sad when you realize you’ve been going round the same routine for three years now and nothing is like you dreamed they’d be.
You’ll cry when you begin to crack.
When your strong doesn’t hold anymore, when the person you want to be is no longer in view and you’re beginning to lose grasp of your ideals.
You’ll get sad sometimes, for no reason at all, and it’ll be completely OK
You’ll realize that at some point everyone feels this certain sadness.
You’re not always strong. You make mistakes. Dreams take time. People leave. Promises die. Loving hurts.
And you do not have to be strong all the time and it’s OK to cry and it’s perfectly normal for things not to make perfect sense all the time.
The good thing about this sadness is, it only lasts through the night.
Joy will come, as surely as the morning sun.
At some point, things starts to make sense.
Happiness begins to slip back in.
You’d feel it when it does.
And you’d enjoy it.
Every bit of it.


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