I’m stronger than I think

I’ve been eating a lot lately, daddy will be proud, and drinking too, coffee, and needing notepads, empty ones with glitters.

They say the same kind of evil doesn’t happen twice to the same person. They were wrong. It happened twice. The first time, I thought h it was cute, I even wrote about it , you know, I was simply deepening my well of experience and gathering real life stories to tell my children but then it happened again and this time it was neither funny nor cute, it was bad and embarrassing and it hurt. It wasn’t the kind I wanted to write about. And that’s not what this is about. This is about my accelerated eating habits and drinking massive amounts of coffee and needing plenty blank notepads.

But at least I’m writing and I’m happy and I even sang last night never mind that the person I was singing to was sound asleep and Etisalat was busy laughing at me.

I was happy and I sang.

When you’re happy and you sing, everything becomes insignificant.

It’s like a magic potion. Happiness and singing.


I’m hungry again.


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