We never got closure.

My sister warned me. Said i shouldn’t ask.

But i did. I needed to know.

And the story started.

She was in her mid-fifties, but she already had 10 children.

She got married when she was 16 and lost her first husband when she was 36.

And for years, they lived in abject poverty, barely surviving each day. One day, her children, 7 of them, were so hungry they wailed so much it brought physical ache to her heart, the pain of seeing her children cry for food was so great she had to do something, anything, to pacify them. So she stepped outside, picked a few stones and went on to cook them, lying to her children that she was boiling yam and in a few minutes they would have food. It killed her, she went into the room and cried out agony. But then out of nowhere came an angel, it was her friend from church, bearing 5 tubers of yam. She cried harder and went on to cook actual food for her kids.

She finally found a rich man and married him. She didn’t care that she was going to be his fourth wife. Her children finally had constant food to eat, clean clothes to wear and they were finally able to return to school. Life was good again. She even started a business, traveling out of the country to get goods to resell. 4 of her children had gotten married to good men and women. 2 had traveled to the united states.  She even had three more children. Life was really good.

And then one day, she came to the north – three of her daughters lived there. Her first granddaughter had just turned one. She spent a few days and bid them farewell. She was going home but first she had to see her step-daughter in Lagos.

She never got to Lagos. She never got home. She never came back to see her daughters in the north.

The last time they saw her, she was dancing joyfully with her one-year-old granddaughter, singing ancient praises and thanking God for life.

That one year old, is my sister.

27 years has gone by and my momma still dreams of her momma. I think she still aches. You see, they never got closure. They never found out what happened to her. If she lived. Or not. She was a good woman. Momma said she deserved the world.

But i don’t think she got it.


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