If our eyes saw souls.

First, it was his stride, and then his eyes.

He was in the wrong place. He had to know this.

He wasn’t carrying a worn leather bound book but she could still tell.

She could tell he was a preacher. It was in his eyes.

And those eyes were staring straight at her

She had to get away from him. Fast!

She wasn’t about to waste this night listening to some gibberish she stopped believing in a long time ago.

Davian, her sweet little boy, wouldn’t understand why they were being thrown out of their home.

He started walking towards her, as she knew he would.

She took a couple steps backward and bumped into a burly drunk, spilling his drink. He cursed in disgust and grabbed a handful of her hair intending to fling her off his path.

And she wished he did.

But the preacher was fast. Too fast.

He grabbed her arm almost immediately and she could swear she saw heaven in his eyes.

But it was just for a split second and he was gone. Vanished. Poof!

Her head spun as she lifted herself off the floor, it was 8:21am. Her first thought was Davian.

How was her baby?

Did she sleep here?

In this bar that reeked of Alcohol and obscenities?

Why was her head so heavy?

What had the preacher done to her?

Why was Julia wearing a pink hat?!

Julia, the young girl who had left her foster home few weeks ago to work at the most popular bar in town walked towards her, a bright smile on her face. The girl couldn’t be more than 16 years old but she dressed like a whore and wore too much make up. But none of those could hide her childlike innocence or cheerful spirit.

Julia’s hat. There was something strange about it. Just as strange as the preacher.

“Julia why are you wearing a pink hat?” Trish asked.

The girl gave her a puzzled look waving off her question as she drew closer and peered into Trish’s eyes.

“Your eyes look a little weird Trish,what happened to you?” Julia’s voice was laced with awe and suspicion at the same time

Trish felt blood rush to her head and she held onto a bar stool to steady herself as she looked around, 2 of the three men at the far end of the bar were wearing a raven black hat, No, those were no hats, they were halos but they were so dark it looked as though they might swallow up their heads, the 3rd man’s halo was dull yellow with a shadow of depression all around him. Gennifer, the girl every man wanted wore a blazing red halo while her friend wore an envious green one.

And then it dawned.

she wasn’t seeing hats or halos

She was seeing people’s souls!

Her head was still spinning as she staggered out the bar. The street was a kaleidoscope of colors! She was almost blinded. Children bounced around in bursts of cute pinks and excited blues, mothers hurried off in greens, the old lady in the coffee shop was a calm cream, the bus driver screamed off in a fiery red.

She hurried off, trying not to stare at people. She pulled her long jacket closer – she was beginning to shiver and that’s when her eyes caught a whiff of her reflection in a store window. What she saw weakened her knees. That wasn’t right, she stepped back and stared at the mirror.

She couldn’t be white.

Her soul couldn’t possibly be pure and innocent and good. There was a mistake somewhere, something wasn’t right. She was a damaged young woman who made a living off whoring. Whores were not pure or innocent or good. This had to be a mistake, she argued with herself as her eyes welled up with tears.

She wasn’t sure what was happening to her but she was sure of one thing.

She was never going back.

“…Yet now he has reconciled you to himself through the death of Christ in his physical body. As a result, he has brought you into his own presence, and you are holy and blameless as you stand before him without a single fault” Col 1:22


6 thoughts on “If our eyes saw souls.

  1. I love this! Babe…God has gifted you with the talent of reaching out to people through the words he has given you. Keep growing them day by day.Thank you for this dear…you inspire me.


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