21 lessons…​

I turned 21 on Sunday.

And thanks to the amazing people I have as family and friends, I had a real good time. I did something I’d always wanted to do, go for an outreach. We went to a home for the physically and mentally challenged and personally, it was an amazing experience; seeing people whose worries weren’t the next paycheck or what school to choose for masters or even what selfie to post on IG but how to take the next walking step without falling to the floor.

I cried that night.

After realizing how much I take for granted the little things I have and can do effortlessly. Life is a privilege. Sound health is a blessing

Here is a list of 21 things I’ve learned personally during my short stay on earth;

  1. Life is not Fair. To anyone.
  2. Hardly does anything last forever. Enjoy it while you can (I know this too well but I never actually do)
  3. People are generally nice. The world has just taught them it’s safer not to be.
  4. Nothing can replace self-confidence.
  5. Actual love at first sight is a fable. Find a palm tree and argue with it.
  6. Nothing you do or do not do can make God love you more or less. That’s what Unconditional means.
  7. When you grow older, you’ll realize your parents were almost always right.
  8. Discretion deserves more credit than people give it.
  9. Love, when done right (with the brain and heart) can actually be enough.
  10. You never know your true capabilities until you’re in the actual situation. Talk really is cheap.
  11. There’s peace and blessing in minding your business.
  12. If you’re entering public transport in Lagos, carry scarf or a jacket – except you like body fluids touching your arms, DON’T wear white, carry earplugs – if you’re a fine girl.
  13. Seek advise. A lot of people know more than you.
  14. Accept yourself. Don’t apologize for who you are but still, seek to be better.
  15. Rid yourself of people who drain your joy. This doesn’t make them bad humans. You’re just not compatible.
  16. Someone somewhere at some point is watching you.
  17. Except you’ve been in the exact same situation, at the exact same time, with the exact same people and exact same conditions, You have no right to judge anyone.
  18. Fear often times leads to hate.
  19. Not all sad songs are actually sad.
  20. Life is not a competition. Everyone can actually win.
  21. It’s not a bad thing to eat noodles five times a week.
  22. Spending quality time with yourself alone (or with food) can be really fulfilling.

Do i really need to stop? 😦




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