Mini Us.

Heyy Baby.

You are loved.  More than you’d ever know.
If for some reason you ever doubt this, remember that You are a product of love, literally. 
I can’t promise that your life would always be easy and full of beautiful people and experiences. and that you’d have friends that would never leave you, i can’t promise that you’d always have things figured out and i can’t promise to always understand your struggles and pain and that each of your dream would come true. But i can promise that i would always be there for you when you feel overwhelmed by lifes struggles, I’d always be there to listen when you meet someone new and comfort you when they leave. I’d be there to hold you as you weep cos you’ve gotten your heart broken again. I’d help pick out what to wear if you turn out to be as indecisive as i am. I’d learn your favorite song and dance with you whenever you’ve had too much sugar. I’d stay up to watch endless series with you and listen to you rant about cute boys or the newest pretty girl in your class. Sigh. I’m in love with you, child – i can’t help myself. I’d be your companion.
I’d hug you tight on days when you’re sad, please don’t push me away. 
I’d wipe each of your tears cos you’re too precious to cry.
And i’d take pictures of you every moment i get, ‘cos you’re a once in a lifetime kinda person.
I’d choose you, over me, over anyone.
I’d be a super mushy mom, please forgive me.
Most importantly i’d pray for you everyday and teach you about the extravagant love of Christ.
You’re loved, dear child, More than you’d ever know.

-Your Momma,
‘Wunmi something