Just a few hues.

Life is white
Death is black
Salvation is dark pink. Life, black and pain.
Hate is violet
Sin is blue. Deep blue. Almost black
Motherhood is green
Fatherhood is brown
Friendship is yellow, golden almost.
Crushes are peach.
Pain is red.
Beauty is nude.
Music is cream. Almost white.
Poetry, is beige, almost nude.

Love. I’m not sure what color love is.
But i’m guessing it’s rainbow.


Commute to work:The Reverie.

I notice everything. Even things that aren’t there.

That’s how i knew. I knew he was staring at me. Right from the time he stepped into the bus. I could tell and so could the little butterflies in my tummy.

I stole a quick glance at him while he was looking away.

First thoughts “Whoa! why so good looking?”

Quick glance turned into long creepy stare as i started to memorize his features. They were striking. Deliberate. Perfect.

He turned.

I looked away quickly.

But not fast enough.

He caught me  😩

“Hey” Voice!

“Hi” i replied barely audible, anxiously waiting for the part where we exchange numbers.

Your scarf is on the floor

Oh! Disappointment slapped me accross the face. “Thank you” i said, picked it up and looked anywhere but his side.


“yup” i answered a little too quickly.

Cool. So where do you work? And that’s how our love story began.

First date was at an art exhibition. He shared my passion for Arts.

Second date was at a lonely beach somewhere in Lekki. He shared my love for serenity.

The next couple of months were incredible,  like scenes from a cheesy hollywood movie.

From surprise dinner dates at expensive restaurants to long walks on windy evenings, our love grew stronger with sweet love notes secretly tucked every other place, sudden forehead kisses and you sha get the drift,  yes?

life was good. I was truly happy. If I had to relive that day, i wouldn’t have missed that bus for anything in the world.

I smiled,  just then, i felt a hard jab.

“Aunty ya scarf don fall for ground”

What?! I snapped back to real life.

Mr hot guy had just alighted.

Wait!! Don’t go!!

My heart was shredding to pieces.

I felt betrayed.

He didn’t even get my number.

Wait had he even noticed me in that bus?I was all alone in the frustrating Island traffic. And no cute boy was staring at me.

Tough life man 😦