You’ll Write a Good one?

We’ll write. About our lives. The good. The bad. The beautiful.

We’ll write amidst wave of sadness. Bouts of happiness and when we’re just plain numb.

We’ll write. When the world is hurting. When the words are haunting. And we can’t seem to make sense of either.

We’ll write when inspiration is nothing but a distant flickering light.

We’ll write when we’re hit. With the writers’ block.

We’ll write about our childhood dreams. The ones society and insecurities told us not to dare.

We’ll write about love. The ones we lost in the beautiful yesterdays.

We’ll write about the ones we had to let go of, they didn’t belong to us. Even though we belonged to them. ‘Cause maybe we were made to love them, but they weren’t made to love us back. LOL. Life does crap like that

We’ll write with tears and laughter. Watching our muse. Listening to nostalgic hums.

We’ll write, of our first heartbreak, and of the loved ones who departed to the father a little too early.

We’ll write about the ones who stayed, who fought, who we eventually gave our love to.

We’ll write about looking into another’s eyes and seeing the sun, the entire Galaxy even. And how their arms bring us royal comfort every now and then.

We’ll write about Love. The physical one. That takes us to heights we’ve never imagined.

We’ll write about the first life we brought into the world, their little heartbeat giving us goose bumps in wonder-filled mezmeration.

We’ll write about little humans. The mini-us that bring us delirious joy.

We’ll write, with giddy heart while we plan birthday parties and with those same hearts, filled with white stabs of searing pain and despair, we’d put together details of funerals.

We’ll write about finding fulfillment in things that cannot be seen or bought or touched. But can only be felt.

We’ll write of how in our next life, we’d cross oceans and mountains and bombings (cc Boko.H) and crumbling economies to find each other again.

We’ll write about wrinkles. And Golden Moments. And old age humor.

We’ll write about graveyards. And Eternal Love.

And falling in Love on the otherside…

We’ll never stop writing.

Your life is a story.

You’ll write a good one?


I hope this made you feel. Something. Anything.




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