The Psychopath and my bestfriend.

Pre Script: 1. I naturally don’t use curse words. So this once, please, pardon me.😥😥 2. I have quite a number of best friends.🙆

***                      ***                       ***

My hands were shaking.

Anger, No, Rage, was coursing through me.

Coupled with a host of other emotions i couldn’t fit into words.

I just stood there. Against the wall. Totally creeped out. Watching with horror as my best friend narrated the events that had just taken place few hours earlier to me.

Rewind 30 minutes earlier.

I was trying to put together a slide deck on a training i was taking on Saturday. And i was well behind schedule.🙊

My phone rang but not long enough for me to answer. it was Bibi, my best friend. I made a mental note to call her back and went back to preparing my training material.

Almost 10 minutes later, she called back. I picked up this time.

“Wunmi, are you at home?”

“yes, wassup..”i began to answer. wait, there was something in her voice.

“Bibi, are you crying?” i was too confused.😿

She got hysterical. And i sat up straight.😓

“I’m coming to your house. i’d be there in ten minutes, i need you, i’m not fine”

My heart slammed against my chest “what the heck Bibi. Tell me what happened” she hung up.

I called back with shaky hands. She didn’t pick.

I had almost never seen Bibi cry, she was super strong. I was the cry baby of the two of us.😒😒

I flew out of bed. threw on a jean, a top, scarfed my disheveled hair and started racing to the junction.  I thought of everything and nothing. My mind was racing.

I got to the bus stop just as she was stepping off the cab. her eyes were red, she really had been crying, my heart broke, but she wouldn’t talk till we got home.😩😩

We got home and she broke down in hysterical tears as she told me of how she had been molested a few hours ago by a guy she had known for almost 2 years and had somehow become a trusted friend. It was supposed to be a casual hangout but it quickly turned into something entirely different and she didn’t think she’d make it out alive. Thankfully she did. She lived. And she was intact.

I watched as she fell apart before my eyes and all i could say was that she’d be fine as i stroked her head. But deep down i was raging.

Few hours later, her phone rings.

It’s the psychopath. I was mad.

He had the nerve to call? Like what the actual Fuck.

We were both shaking. She from fear. Me from anger.😒

I picked up the phone and i swear, the neighbors could hear my voice.

“why the hell are you calling you bloody bastard. What else do you want?….” i went on to curse his entire generations, the ones alive and the ones to come. (i’m a good christian.😇 You have to believe me.)

And then i heard him say he called to apologize and see if she was fine. My anger was LIT.😠

“Do you want to die ni? What kind of psychopath does that to someone and then calls to see if they’re fine?” With the amount of anger and a bunch of other unhealthy emotions coursing through, it felt like i could kill a lion with my bare hands, never mind that i was scared to death of cockroaches.

I watched as she drifted off to sleep and knew this too shall pass and she would be fine.

Better than fine.

But this wasn’t right.

She was a good person.

Tell me again why bad things happen to good people? 😢😢😭😭

Cause i swear, i couldn’t make sense of this.



2 thoughts on “The Psychopath and my bestfriend.

  1. Bad things are not meant to happen to gud people dey are just usually @ d wrong place @ d wrong time. She never looked through who he really was.


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