Bad things happen in Winter

[Wed 10:25am]: Mail Comes In🔔: All staff would be required to register on this link to attend a conference call with the CEO next friday, 15th, January, 2016.                                                                                                                                                        – HumanResources 😬😧

“Ah, Ki lo tun shele?” exclaimed a colleague (let’s call her the AC (Ah Colleague) for the purpose of this post)

So for some reason, everybody has come to associate a mail from the HR department with a bad Omen, if it’s not announcing a public holiday that everybody already knows about, then it spelt doom. We just don’t like it, not that they’re bad people oh, it’s just the way the world is. Witness?🙋 But that’s not why we’re here. 😏

[Thurs 12:00pm]: AC comes in from lunch: Ehn ehn, guys, i’ve been hearing gists oh.

Everybody, those that were busy and those that were just forming busy, immediately straightens, inching a bit closer.

AC, having gotten the needed attention, reduces her voice “so i heard some people are getting fired this month”

“Jesu!” RCNC (religious colleague with No Chill) exclaims with fear.

“Ahh, what department? Hope not ours” that was PC now (the Paranoid Colleague)

“last last, when they fire all of us, only management and investors would wee run the company into the ground” says the Pessimistic Colleague

“Me i sha know i’m going no where, they need me here” boasts the Overly-confident colleague (OCC), which earns her a scornful stare from every other person.

“Anyways, i’d keep you guys updated” and with that everyone returns back to being/forming busy.

I can only think of one thing.

Winter is Coming.

The next couple of days before the Great Conference call becomes a drag..

Something just isn’t right.

You could feel it in the air.

The regular camaraderie seems to have disappeared, Everyone starts to take work more serious than ever, as if that would stop winter from coming.

Friday Comes. The call is over. And few minutes later,  letters start flying around.

AC was right after all. And so was i.

As i watched a young man, who just got married a few months ago,  step into the little cubicle where the pesky hr lady sat, waiting with a stack of paper, his face looking like death, my heart broke. What would he tell his wife? 😔 what if they were expecting a child (some people have no chill) All the responsibilities. I couldn’t begin to wrap my head around how he must be feeling. I fought Tears. Choi. This life is just too hard 😢😢

“Wunmi” It was AC jolting me from my reverie. “i think your IM just beeped.

I looked at my laptop. Not thinking.

It was the HR lady.

Why was she buzzing me?  We were not friends. 😕


It dawned. 

I never esperrerit.

Winter had come right at me! 😩🔫

P. S: this is fiction. Or not.


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