New year Resolution? Not quite.


You rolled your eyes. Don’t even lie.😕

Something about New Year Resolution makes you flinch, yeah? Me too.

Don’t worry, this is not a new year resolution post.  Well, not exactly. Lol.

Unlike every other year, where i had a list of 20-50 things to start, stop or continue doing (depending on how inspiring my pastor’s teaching was) This new year, i have just one, one in different forms, and by the powers that be *raises right hand a little above the head* i pledge to follow through.

So here goes,

  1. Be happy. Unapologetically Happy. 😄
  2. Do stuff that make me happy
  3. Spend time with people that make me happy. Even if they’re fictitious characters
  4. Be happy regardless of what anyone says or does.
  5. Be happy and make others happy. As much as is possible, anyways
  6. Be happy and let everyone know that you’re happy
  7. Be happy so much people begin to worry about you 😂😂
  8. Be happy and write about how happy you are.
  9. Listen to more happy songs and Be happy.
  10. Try to Be happy even when sad things happen.
  11. Do whatever makes you happy, regardless of what that looks like to anybody.
  12. Use all your salary to buy a new Iphone 6 And then be broke after  but still Be happy.
  13. Be happy even if they try to stop you from buying a car which you don’t even have money for OMG
  14. Be happy even when you feel like your life is monotonous and boring. Be grateful you have a life.
  15. Even if you want to be sad, you have just 6 hours, after that, BE Happy 😂😂
  16. Still be happy if you end 2016 still single: The lord is your Bae you shall not be sad
  17. Get away from toxic, energy draining, overly sensitive, steal-the-happiness-outta-you people.
  18. Add to this list overtime ..

Ps: truth is,  every good and beautiful thing needs a happy soul to come through. Life isn’t out to make us happy people, in fact the Opposite is the case, unless you take a conscious and consistent effort to stay happy, which you should. Life is too short to be sad and gloomy all the freaking time! So make it a daily resolution : Be A Happy Child. Really! 😉😄


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