One Dimpled girl.

This was my best.

It would always be my best.


You and i were soldiers, i was a combatant. you were a

I was badly wounded in battle.

Then some other soldiers brought me to the tent for treatment.

You were on duty, we didn’t know each other but i was stunned when i saw you.

You looked smart in your uniform, i only knew you were a medic when i saw the red-cross band on your arm.

My heart started racing at the possibility of you being the one
to treat me.

OMG!! you actually started walking towards the bunk on which i lay with a small tray on your hand, then i noticed you had a ponytail flowing behind your head..”Goodness! this is too much!”

I gasped in my head…Just as you were about getting to my bunk,a small ball of metal fell between u and my bunk.

“What the heck?!…A grenade?!!”

Forgetting the wounds, i got off the bunk..Rushed towards it, picked it up…And all the while u were staring big-eyed with shock,fear, and something else i couldn’t find a name for.

“what are you doing?” you asked, frantic “playing the hero?”…

“uhm…Not quite” i said while i made to throw it away…

After a few seconds,we heard the BANG!!

Luckily,no one was hurt…

“Ok so what was that all about?!” You asked…

“uhm…Nuffin” i said

“just had to see those dimples some more!”

Thank you Ayo.

You’re Amazing!


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